Matilda da Midget (llueve_nublado) wrote,
Matilda da Midget

deluge day

Peeking out my blinds this morning, I noticed that there was perhaps two inches of snow on the ground. “Damn,” I thought, “class isn’t cancelled.” Although this was a bit upsetting, I figured it would be better than having snow covering the ground for the next week or two. However, after being forced to wade through the deluge outside, trekking through snow embankments seems a lot more appealing.
It’s surprising that we will cancel school if there is more than 6 inches on the ground, but that when there are puddles (more akin to lakes) covering more than half of campus, that are over an inch deep in most places, we are still required to attend. Keep in mind, it’s February. It’s cold. Having students wade across a flooded campus to attend class not only is annoying, but it presents a health risk by lowering core body temperature, making the body more susceptible to illness.
On days like this, I wish there was such a thing as a flood day. Perhaps tomorrow, when the whole mess freezes over, my second wish will come true and we’ll have an ice day.
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