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llueve_nublado's Journal

Matilda da Midget
10 January
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As he watches from his perch above
All the evil and all the love
He sees his world falling down
And takes off his colorful crown
The sea is unsettled as the world turns
And life is ended as the volcanoes burn
One among them does survive
Only to live a terrible lie
Among the lost
Among the hidden
For the souls have ridden
Their last horse
Their long lost tune
The song the Soul Gazer sings to you
For he has shown his face the last time
Remember how brightly it shines
For never again will it be seen
I know everything, few and far between
He leaves upon his mortal grace
Never to show his face
He leaves a treasure
Not to be known
Right beside his golden throne
And at last
His life ends
Only to start again

Soul Gazer (C)