Matilda da Midget (llueve_nublado) wrote,
Matilda da Midget

Basel, Switzerland

Ich bin auf Deutschland!!!!

Today I went to Basel> I was a bit hung over from last night, but whatev. It was snowy on leaving, but when we got there, it was much sunnier! We went on a treasure hunt. One of our tasks was to take a pic with the ferry man. We said "Can we take a picture with you?" to which he replied *merrily* "Everyone has to take a picture with the ferryman!". He had a rainbow sweater on and when Sean said he liked it, he said "I knitted it myself". We had an awesome group with Claudio, Adel, Elan, Ibuki, Ianna, Grace, Sean, and myself. We won the scavenger hunt!!!
I was upset at how the church (munster) so glorious and beautiful, built for worship (and still used for that) had a gift shop inside. I was offended at least. Then we had lunch at this place and I heard a polka version of "Country Roads" by John Denver (this version was not by him). I got a wurst with brown onion sauce (so good!!) and rosti (also tasty). Then we went and got espressos and chocolate (mmm, swiss chocolate!!!).
Then we went to the munster again and climbed the Martin's Turm. It was so high, but so fun!!! The church was really gorgeous and I was awed and impressed!!
It was an awesome day and Germany is great so far. I have a beer pong tournament tonight at the StuSie bar.I love it here and am having the best time ever!!!!
Having cheese and beer for dinner now. OK, well, that's all I suppose. Tschuss!
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