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So, what's up?

This is just fucked up. The Republican Club had a PRO-WAR rally. What the hell? Even if you are republican, you don't have to support the war. As a matter of fact, aren't republicans supposed to be a bit more isolationist, less government interference, etc. Just because Bush says he's a republican doesn't make him one and holding a pro-war rally doesn't make you one either.
Point: brainwashing isn't cool, having your own opinions is. You can be part of a party and not buy into all their propaganda.
I'm a libertarian, but it just struck me as odd that these people are holding pro-war rallies when it should be obvious to anyone with half a brain that the war is destroying US not THEM. Unless you count economic recession, more than half the world hating you, and the government using a war as a reason to rape it's citizens of their constitutional rights as progress.

I'm so fucking disgusted by our government. Maybe I should get some videotapes and then destroy them...
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