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To the first piece, best bong ever, and favorite! (who was taken by the fuzz)

Never did she have a name
But that doesn't matter, it's all the same
The blue and white and green snaked up her sides
Amazingly smooth; dat bitch got me so high
She'd been there from the time I was 16
Through thick and thin, all kinds of controversy
Got her back from the depths of Flem's car
The next day when we had an ounce she was a total star
I cherished her and kept her well
She was my favorite piece and now she's in police evidence room hell
Fuck that shit, those motherfuckers should pay
For taking such a beautiful treasure away
I fucked up and I'm sorry to my lovely bong
I couldn't do much, so I wrote this poem to say "so long"
But I'll always remember her because she stood for so much
So many people and places and drugs and such
A summer of magnificence
And many years since
She did well by me
And was a really good friend
It was sad to see
Her demise in the end
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