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Hi. So, my printer has decided that it won't register anything from my computer. I don't know why. Same goes for the CD burner. It's real fucking adorable.My mom's pissed because she's positive it's my fault that these aren't working although I have no fucking clue what it is. So, we tried to get this guy with this remote log-in thing to fix it. He forgot his password. Basically, the past two days have been a back and forth of trying to get this log-in thing fixed just so he can fix the actual problems. AHHHHHHHH!
Whatev, hopefully it'll work out. So then had a german test today. Hopefully it went pretty good. I knew the shit, but the test was all "I'm so not what you studied for". It was cute. Really.
But I'm almost caught up with my homework(by caught up, I mean ahead). And I've got a pretty chill new job that will hopefully work out unlike every job up til now.
Yay. I'm 19, I'm doing well in school, finally have a job, prolly be able to buy my fam's x-mas presents, and it's all gonna work out OK. Or at least that's how it looks now.
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