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Sleep? hahahaha

So, yeah. Last night was great. I kept trying to fall asleep from about 1 to 4, then just gave up. I think I may have gotten some shut eye between 6 and 7. Fucking great. Got a media test today, and I don't know. Should try to find a job.
Also, crushed my own dreams yet again. It's so nice to be fired with the level of consistency I've achieved, at least then you aren't expecting you know, a steady paycheck, or good bosses, just to be canned. And this fiduciary rejection comes along with personal as well.
Se Va. Sometimes the world doesn't work as you want it to, and you have to hope for the best. That's what I've been doing, that's all I can do. Is hope that if I try hard and keep smiling, it'll pay off and the smile will want to be there.
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