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So, yeah...

Sunday was sick! I went to Six Flags for the 1st time and went on soooo many cool rides! The roller coasters, the flip-you-upsidedowners, the water rides, et cetera. But, today I woke up after sleeping for like...12 hours...feeling like absolute shit (sore throat, pain in the left side of my chest,sore muscles). It's gotten a bit better, but my throat still hurts and my chest hurts a bit too still (I think the chest got bruised while on a roller coaster). So, I went from smoking at least 6 cigarettes a day to smoking absolutely none today and perhaps none til I feel entirely better, at which point I'll re-evaluate if I still feel like being a smoker. I had an arbitrary quitting deadline of 27, but, now I think I may quit except for when I'm drunk. I don't know though, I'm still working in stressful environments and attending college and a lot of my friends are smokers (yes, I smoke very much socially- for the social aspect). I don't know, I don't want to announce that I've quit and then start again, but I'm going to see how it feels. I didn't really miss them much today except for a few spare cravings that quickly subsided, so I suppose that's good!
Other than that, it's been typical. Got work, got school (til the 24th of may). Should be exhilerating.
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